Stage 3: Concept delivery

In the concept delivery stage we create the value propositions and infrastructure that will propel the consumer towards the desired behaviour.

During this process we create an RFP to identify suitable solutions providers and create Proof of Concept and Proof of Technology procedures.

We also develop programme structures to allocate resources most effectively, communicate clearly with all audiences, and execute reliably via any point-of-interaction. Then we create the framework to measure it. Specific tasks and deliverables include the following;

Creating hard and soft benefits – identifying hard (tangible, economic) benefits and soft (emotional, recognition) benefits, which are perceived to have much higher value than their actual cost. Looking outside the normal category benefit sets for new ideas and solutions, which can differentiate client.

Developing value propositions – creating the optimal blending of hard and soft benefits for each customer segment/tier to maximise perceived value in a way that is easy to understand and communicate. Gauging the effectiveness of each blend at stimulating the desired behaviour.